About Us


Infocus provides completed professional design engineering and architecture services to clients throughout the New York State area. Through the use of advanced technology and 3-D Renderings we have the capability to show our clients the finished product before the first shovel hits the ground. Our expertise in complete facility design allows Infocus to be your single point of contact for all architectural and engineering services. Therefore, we can provide completed design package by eliminate the most of miscommunication between architectural and engineering.

Utilizing over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, we have the ability to fresh, cutting edge ideas and concepts to your project. Infocus has established a wide clientele base in the New York Metro area, successfully completing projects in the residential, commercial and industrial market sectors.

“Our main focus is to provide ‚Äúcompleted professional architectural and engineering service to our clients.”

Achieving our mission should be credited to our crew of experienced and top notch engineering professionals. We are here to develop long-term relationships with our industry-leading expertise and client-centric services. Our dynamic workforce is adaptive to the ever-changing market. We understand the needs of our clients and regularly provide services above and beyond their expectations.